I'm always interested in interviews, magazine work or any form of press. Please contact at MiaIsabellamodels@yahoo.com for all requests.

If you're a gentleman caller, I am accepting personal invitations and private bookings. I had a one-year hiatus as an exclusive confidante, but now I'm back! I have entertaining experience and an air of mystery and warmth and decorum in any situation. If you're a savvy, busy gentleman who seeks inspiration to continue his pursuits or creative gentleman who has the luxury to relax a little, I can offer you a change of pace, a truly amazing experience and my New York refinement and Los Angeles glamour. You'll find me a dependable, independent beauty with very satisfied confidantes the world over.

I enjoy playing the role of muse-it's self-fulfilling and an important role in the lives of extremely important men. Men of high social positions need to have total getaways from their huge, daily responsibilities-it's vital they escape to another dimension. Feel free to get lost in excitement and absolute harmony, when you spend time with me. I love nothing more than inspiring a man of high ambitions with my rich, feminine substance. But make no mistake, I'm much more than just a pretty face-I'm affectionate and giving, wild yet tender, and made to be desired with care and appreciation.

I'm the VIP companion you've been looking for. Men have described me as stunning, feminine, a sensual Femme Fatale, beautiful and statuesque-it must be because of my voluptuous, feminine body, satin skin, full breasts and graceful legs that they know I'm a woman made for love and sensuality. I prefer to dress elegantly with class, fantasy and femininity, but I have many different looks depending on the fantasy and the occasion from lingerie to fantasy wear to glamorous gowns. I also have excellent breeding-I come from a good family where I acquired fine taste and was schooled in arts, music and literature.

If you aren't in the United States, I'm available for worldwide travel with a minimum of 5 days notice. If you're in the U.S. I require 3 days notice. In the past few years, I've enjoyed sailing on the French Riviera, indulging in shopping sprees in Milan and getting an all-over tan on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. As much as I love to travel, I also enjoy relaxing, intimate evenings at home with a glass of fine wine or Dom Perignion Champagne with strawberries. No matter what the plans, I'm always beautiful, impeccably well-groomed and adaptable to your needs to fulfill my role as the perfect companion to put your mind at ease

1000 Welcome Package: A Relaxing, Unrushed Session
2500 Silver Package VIP: A Multi-Hour Cocktail Session
4000 Gold Package: A Local Overnight Slumber Party Session
5000 White Gold Package: Overnight Slumber Party (Domestic U.S.)
7000 Platinum Package: Overnight Slumber Party (International)
8000 Diamond Package: Full Day Rendezvous (Domestic or International)
10000 Executive Package: Your Personal Business Trip Companion
20000 The Royal Package: Jet Set Elite Rendezvous from a Week to a Month

If you are interested in any one of the above packages, please respond with
the information below. Confidentiality Agreements are always welcome.

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